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Healthy Career Genie is a full-time placement agency that focuses on Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners since 2015.

Since that time, we have continued to innovate and developed a presence in the marketplace. We are a dynamic and young group, determined to enhance and simply the recruitment process for our candidates and our employers.

Our tenured leaders have decades of experience in the healthcare staffing industry.

By starting at the ground level and working their way up to leadership roles, they’ve gained a breadth of knowledge that helps them understand how to best meet the unique needs of our employees, health care providers, and client facilities.

Job Posting Services

Healthy Career Genie offers complete job posting services to ensure that your opportunities are seen by qualified candidates. Thousands of new candidates register every week, allowing you to reach the right candidates quickly and affordably.

Candidate Screening

As an employer, you know the importance of hiring the right candidate the first time. Our advanced candidate screening tools allow you to review applications, tag candidates for further review, communicate with other decision makers at your company, and then make the right decision about who to hire.

Job Posting Review and Rewriting

These days just about every company posts their jobs on the internet. In the competitive healthcare industry, you need to stand out with perfectly crafted job postings. Let our team of experienced professionals help you put together highly effective job postings to help guarantee you find that perfect match.

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