We do so in a 3-Step simple process:


1) Schedule Your Free 15 Minute No Pressure Job Assessment- It’s here where you will speak with a friendly and qualified healthcare specialist who will help understand your job specifications, location needs, salary requirements etc.


2) Market and Match to the Right Career You Immediately after on your behalf we market your skills to our deep database of over 10,000 health facilities, private practices and federally qualified health centers (Anonymously) once we gather interest we will present the job to you and with your approval submit your CV. This all happens within a few days.


3) Get Hired– Follow that we will help you coordinate interviews, get offers and land a rewarding career. This all happens within a few weeks.


3. Get Hired

Here where we get to the nitty gritty, after we submit your CV, we will help schedule your interviews, narrow down to the careers that had the best fit, negotiate the best offer and land the career of your dreams in 2 weeks or less.




What People Are Saying About Us

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I have been searching for a career for 3 months on my own. After working with Healthly Career Genie, I was able to get 2 offers in less than 2 weeks. You Guys Rock!

Anna From Cleveland OH


Andy A.


I was practicing as a PMHNP in New York City, but I had a dream of moving to California. I had no idea where to go about finding a career. Within a 1 week of working with the rep Tyler, I was able land awesome career in Sunny San Diego.
Doug From San Deigo, CA


Jackie From Cinnicanti OH

Psych Nurse Practitioner

Holy Cow these guys are the real deal. As a New Grad Psychiatric nurse I thought it would take months for me to find a new job. But after working with Healthy Career Genie, within 20 days I was about to get 3 offers from really solid facilities. If you’ve looking for a career in mental health, I highly recommend you work with them.

Sara C.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Matthew A.

Psych Nurse Practitioner

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